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Prices Of Foodstuff In Nigeria 2022 – Weekly Update From The North




Welcome to this week’s episode on Prices Of Foodstuff In Nigeria 2022.

As we have promised at Naija News, we will continue to bring you weekly update on the prices of various commodities from different states and market locations.

While our goal remains unaffected, our target market for this week’s update still is Manigi Market.

As mentioned in our previous update, the Manigi market is a popular commodity market in Manigi, a town along the Lagos-Kaduna road in the Mashegu Local Government Area of Niger State, Northern region of Nigeria.

Predictions by market experts that food prices will continue to rise in the country, for the time being, is becoming evident as a surge in prices was witnessed in our new market update.

Naija News observed that Guinea corn which was around ₦19000 – ₦21,000 has increased by a thousand and two this week at the same market.

Photo credit: Olukayode Tope Ebenezer

White beans from this week price list have also surged from ₦38,000 – ₦42,000 depending on the sack type and cleanliness of the commodity.

Photo credit: Olukayode Tope Ebenezer

Let’s take you quickly to the breakdown of today’s Foodstuff price in Nigeria – Update From The North.

Guinea Corn  – ₦20,000
Millet              – ₦18,500 – ₦19,000
Maize             – ₦20,000
Red beans     – ₦40,000 – ₦42,000
White beans  – ₦38,000 – ₦42,000
Egusi              – ₦22,000
Soya beans   – ₦34,000
Groundnut     – ₦12,000 – ₦13,000

Groundnut    – ₦12,000 – ₦13,000

Charcoal bag – ₦1,200

Local rice        – ₦21,000

Create of egg: – ₦2000

This is all we have for you for the week, however, kindly stick to Naija News as we bring you update on other foodstuffs from different parts of Nigeria.

Remember: Food is a requirement, not a desire. Every living creature is dependent on food to survive.

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