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Student Loses Life During Truck Accident On Bad Ekiti Road




Hafiz Mohammed, commander of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) Kaduna branch.

A secondary school student has reportedly died in an accident at a bad portion of the road between Aso, an Ado Ekiti farmstead, and Ijan Ekiti.

Another student who was also in the truck when it somersaulted lost a lower limb.

An eyewitness said that the students who reside in a farmstead located along Ado-Ijan road were on their way home when the incident happened.

He said: “The students, who were of the same parents, were returning home from school when they saw the tipper loaded with sand and the driver volunteered to take them home.

“As they were going, the tipper’s driver wanted to dodge a pothole on the road and as he did that, the truck somersaulted and hurled the students out of the vehicle. “One of them got his head shattered and died immediately, while the other one lost his two legs and was rushed to the hospital.”

The Public Relations Officer, Federal Road Safety Corps, Ekiti Sector Command, Mr Taiwo Ojo, who corroborated the incident said the sibling who survived the incident has undergone an amputation on the injured leg.

He said: “We learned the driver wanted to help the two boys and as he was going, he got to a portion that had potholes due to construction works being undertaken by FERMA and the truck somersaulted.

“Our men went for a rescue operation and the police must have handed over the dead person to the family before they got there, so we don’t know much about the deceased as we speak.

“But the injured victim is in the hospital and we could confirm that he had undergone a major surgical operation on his legs”.

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