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Give Me Presidential Ticket To Defeat Tinubu, Save Nigeria From Doom – Fayose To PDP




2023 Presidency: Nigerians React To Fayose's Letter To Tinubu

A former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, has stated that he would defeat the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, if the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gives him their presidential ticket.

Fayose, who said he might join the 2023 presidential race, stated that he would easily defeat the former Lagos State governor.

Speaking in an interview with PUNCH, Fayose denied pledging to support the presidential ambition of the national leader of the APC.

According to the former Ekiti Governor, the country would be doomed if Nigerians fail to kick out the APC and replace them with the PDP in 2023.

On backing Tinubu, Fayose said, “I have said it over and over, Asiwaju remains a Yoruba leader; I remain a Yoruba leader. We are in different levels of leadership. But if I am being misquoted for the fact that I said Asiwaju is a Yoruba leader, I am saying I am a Yoruba leader, but Asiwaju in his own Yoruba leadership is in the APC; Ayo Fayose in his own leadership is in PDP.

“Who has told you that I don’t want to be President? Who has told you that if the PDP picks me that I will not defeat Asiwaju? Who has told you? You don’t know maybe I will still contest.  If I come out and they zone it to the South-West and they say it’s Fayose, if they pick Asiwaju, I will defeat him!”

Fayose stated that he has nothing to gain from a Tinubu presidency, adding that the former Lagos governor would not give someone from the opposition party an appointment.

He added, “I have never seen the quote. It is impossible. How do I claim to be the husband of a woman in another man’s house? It is all heresies. Loose talks! Listen, PDP government is far better than the APC government in Nigeria. Would he (Tinubu) leave the APC people and come to give me appointments or will he make me vice president, such that I work for the APC? It is not possible. Tinubu is for the APC, I am for the PDP. All these insinuations are just to call the dog a bad name so as to hang it.

On his claim that the PDP is Nigeria’s brightest choice in 2023, Fayose said, “If the PDP does not win the 2023 election, then Nigerians are doomed. From what I have seen since 2015, Nigerians are doomed. The kind of leadership that Nigeria has witnessed – insecurity, the economy.

“Don’t forget that the impact of these things is more felt by the masses. It is the people that are at the receiving end. The cost of diesel today is about N400 per litre; during President Goodluck Jonathan’s (PDP) time, it was N140, N145. Whatever we are saying, it is either Nigerians want to remain in perpetual poverty or they save themselves. It is about Nigerians themselves.”

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