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GIGL Integrates Crypto Wallet Into Its Propriety Delivery App “GIGGo’



The Crypto economy is rapidly expanding, and GIG Logistics, the leading provider of last-mile delivery solutions in West Africa, ensures its users are not left behind.

Last week, GIGL released a version of its propriety delivery app “GIGGo’ with a crypto wallet. The crypto wallet will be released in beta phases to 2000 users and progress to 8000-10000 users within two weeks before finally being released to all. The beta version of the wallet will give room for adequate feedback on functionalities and user experience.

On the crypto wallet, users would be enabled to perform key digital transactions like buy, store, send, withdraw and earn from digital assets. Users will also be eligible for rewards in cryptocurrency as well as have the ability to pay for global transactions unrestricted. To do this, GIGL has partnered with XPAD, a crypto platform that will power custodial services backend. XPAD is built on the most secure ledger globally, which will guarantee asset security.

Users will get an update notification, introducing the crypto wallet functionality and get a prompt to sign up. If the user already has an account with the XPAD platform, they will be required to import their XPAD wallet by inputting wallet credentials. This action will enable current XPAD users to perform crypto transactions from the GIGGo app. Some of the assets available for purchase are UDST, BITCOIN and CFX, and beta users will be allowed to make any asset purchase worth the equivalent of a maximum of 500,000 Naira daily.

We are advocates for borderless transactions, progress and economic freedom. As a global delivery partner to all our users worldwide, we want to offer the ability to do much more than deliveries by providing digital services that promote efficiency, ease and wealth. Our customers be they individuals, e-commerce merchants or corporate partners, can now buy and hold digital assets on GIGGo through the integration with XPAD, says GIGL’s Director of Operations, Ocholi Etu.

Connecting GIGL users to cryptocurrency banking is a huge responsibility, and we have put the necessary infrastructure in place to ensure seamless and safe crypto transactions, he continued.

This initiative would significantly increase the number of crypto wallet owners and ultimately translate to more numbers for the crypto economy. Besides providing a crypto wallet, this integration lowers the barriers to entry and offers accessible alternatives to crypto adoption.