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Ekiti 2022: Senator Olujimi Pulls Out Of PDP Governorship Primary Election



Ekiti 2022: Senator Olujimi Pulls Out Of PDP Governorship Primary Election

The Senator representing Ekiti South in the National Assembly, Biodun Olujimi has pulled out of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primary election in Ekiti state.

The lawmaker on Wednesday said she feels unwanted and disenfranchised, hence her decision to disqualify herself from the race.

She added that she didn’t step down for any particular aspirant, urging her followers and supporters to vote for any one of their choice.

Naija News reports Olujimi was one of the main aspirants in the race to emerge as the PDP flagbearer for the 2022 Ekiti governorship election before she pulled out during the accreditation process for the primary election shortly before voting commenced.

Stating her reason for pulling out of the race, she said: “I feel disenfranchised, I feel like the party does not believe in my presence there. I believe the party does not believe in whatever I have done, so I have pulled out.”

Speaking further, the lawmaker complained of irregularities in the list of delegates for the primary election, alleging that the list has been doctored to favour a particular contestant.

“I pulled out because every other aspirant has full compliments of delegates from their local government. It pleased the party to give me only 12 automatic delegates in mine, she said.

“I have six local governments in my district as a sitting senator. They gave full compliments of delegates to somebody in four of my local government. And the two that were left, including my own local government. They gave me twelve delegates out of seventy-eight.”

“And in the second local government, they gave me only ten delegates. How do you go from your home with a broken hoe and then, you are going to ask the people to give their own to you to till the ground?

“I feel maybe it is because of my gender or maybe the party feels I have not done enough for it. That is why they would have done that to me.

“So, when they’ve done that to me, it didn’t make sense to continue with the process.”