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Hanifa Abubakar: Mother Speaks On Her Encounter With Her Child’s Murderer




Mother of 5-year-old murdered Hanifa Abubakar has recounted her encounter with her child’s kidnapper.

Recall that Naija News reported that a proprietor of a private school in Kano State, Abdulmalik Tanko has been arrested by the police for abducting and killing a 5year-old pupil of the school, Hanifa Abubakar.

Family sources said he was among the first set of people who came to console her parents over the abduction.

“He was full of tears when he visited the family to console them over the abduction,” said the uncle of the girl, Suraj Sulaima


According to him, the abductor first took her to his wife, but the wife rejected to keep her.

Her remains was discovered at a private school in Tudunwada, Nasarawa local government area of Kano.

A statement by the police on Thursday said the school teacher, Abdulmalik Tanko, was the one who abducted and killed her.


In a video making the rounds on social media, Hanifa’s mother had revealed how she pleaded with the kidnapper while bargaining for their daughter’s ransom without know he was her daughter’s school proprietor.

Despite the fact that part of the the N6m ransom was paid, the abductor killed his victim by lacing her tea with N100 rat poison.




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