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Man Donated His Kidney To Girlfriend’s Mum, Only To See Her Marry Another Man Days Later




A Mexican school teacher has been left in tears and confusion after seeing his girlfriend marry another man.

According to the jilted lover, Uziel Martinez, he donated his kidney to the young lady’s mum to save her life, but the girlfriend dumped him in the end just a few days later.

Naija News understands that Martinez shared his awful experience in a series of videos he posted on social media, TikTok.

According to the resident of Baja California, it was only a month he had issues with the lady, and she left him to marry another man despite sacrificing his kidney for her mother.

Naija News reports that Martinez’s video has now gone viral on social media as people sympathise with him over his ordeal.

Responding to a series of messages of support he received after sharing his pains, Martinez on the same platform assured people that he is doing well both mentally and physically.

He added that he is also recovering well from a kidney transplant. He made it clear that he no longer hold any grudge against his ex-girlfriend despite the heartbreak.

“I don’t have anything against her. We’re not friends but we don’t hate each other.

“I only made the video for TikTok, I didn’t think it would get out of control”, said Martinez in an interview with Mexico Daily News.

Meanwhile, one Enoch Omollo, 48, has reportedly killed his wife and committed suicide at their residence in Ukwala Location of Ugenya, Siaya County, Kenya, over their inability to have children.

According to reports, Omollo was found dead alongside his 43-year-old wife, Dorothy Omanya with a suicide note giving the reason for his action.

Speaking about the incident, Chief Henry Oduor, Area Assistant, disclosed that he received a text message from relatives of the woman informing him of a possible murder in Uloma C village.

Oduor said; “I received a call at around 5.00am in the morning informing me that one of my residents had sent a message to his wife’s cousins telling them that he had killed their kin and so I rushed to his home immediately.”

He further explained that when he arrived the scene he found the lifeless body of Omollo’s wife in the bedroom of the house, while that of her husband dangled from a rope next to the bed with a suicide note narrating the events of the murder, Naija News reports.

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