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List Of Terrorist Leaders In Zamfara, Number Of Their Followers Emerges


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Following the declaration of bandits as terrorists by the federal government, a list of bandit leaders in Zamfara State and their number of followers have emerged.

Naija News reports that a lecturer at the University of Sokoto, Dr Murtala A. Rufai, listed the terrorists in his book titled  ‘I am a Bandit’.

The university don listed the bandit leaders in the state as follows.

1. Sama’ila of Bayan Dutsi has 150 followers

2. Jimmo Fadama of Bayan Ruwa has 80 followers

3. Simoli Jaya of Bayan Ruwa has 65 boys

4. Sahabi of Bayan Ruwa has 250 boys

5. Na’akka of Bayan Ruwa has 180 followers

6. Aminu Jajani of Bayan Ruwa has 120 followers

7. Sani Ba ruwanka of Dagwarwa has 135 boys

8. Uban Kafirai of Dagwarwa has 250 boys

9. Mai bokolo of Dajin ‘Yar Tunniya has 300 followers

10. Haruna Zango of Dammaka has 280 followers

11. Muntari of Duddubi has 31 boys

12. Ɓoyi of Dudduɗi has 210 boys

13. Turji of Fakai has abou 500 followers

14. Nakyalla of Filinga has 213 followers

15. Najana of Gidan Bisa has 96 boys

16. Sitanda of Gwari has 156 boys

17. Dullu of Sububu has 138 boys

18. Halilu Sububu of Sububu has over 1,200 followers

19. Maiduna of Tankyalla has 216 followers

20. Gwaska of Tungar Kolo has 76 boys

21. Kabiru ‘Yankusa of Safrar Kaɗe has 185 boys

22. Ƙaramin Gaye of Tungar Miya has 242 boys

23. Ɗan Sa’adiya of Dagwarwa da Badako has 48 boys

24. Ɗan Shehu of Kudo has 140 boys

25. Mati of Kudo has 165 boys

26. Ɗan Bello of Kudo has 98 boys

27. Ɗan Makaranta of north Madaka has 460 followers

28. Dogo Gyaɗe at Dajin Babar Doka has about 2000 followers

29. Damana in Dajin Has about 1500 followers

30. Ali Kacalla of Madada has about 1600 followers

31. Malam at Western Cebi has about 900 followers

32. Bulaki of east ‘Yargaladima has about 1200 followers

33. Ciyaman at East ‘Yargaladima has 900 followers

34. Ɗahe in East ‘Yar galadima has over 250 followers

35. Kawu of eastern Ɗansadau has over 700 followers

36. Ado Lalo of east Ɗansadau had about 350 followers

37. Bulak of esst Ceɓi has about 520 boys

38. Janburos of east Madada has 800 boys

39. Sani Bica at east Madaka has about 180 boys

40. Ɗan Bagobiri of Western Ceɓi has over 230 boys

41. Nagala at West of Mairairai has 750 boys

42. Ali ƙanen Nagala has 220 boys

43. Zahiru has 175 boys

44. Mai Gariyo at Southern Burwaye has 56 boys

45. Yalo of near Burwaye has 85 boys

46. Kachalla has 1200 boys

47. Maidaji has 1500 boys

48 Ɗanƙarami has 750 boys

50 Alhaji Zaki has 85 boys

51. Yalo of Rugu has 60 boys

52. Hassan of Rugu has 28 boys

53. Maidaji of Rugu has 40 boys

54. Kachalla of Rugu has 58 boys

55. Atarwatse of Dajin Mashema hs 200 boys

56. Ɗan Maƙwado of Kamarawa and Bafarawa has 550 boys

57. Nagona at between Bafarawa and Surduƙu has 200 boys

58. Idi at Guga has 100 boys

59. Baba Yayi at Guga has 100 boys

60. Juuli of Kwankwanba has 100 boys

61. Tukur of Munhaye has 90 boys

62. Alhaji Ado Aleru at Munhaye has about 2500 boys

63. Mabi at Munhaye has 100 boys

64. Ɗan’ Ibiro of Munhaye has100 boys

65. Guntu at Munhaye has 65 boys

66. Karki at Munhaye has 70 boys

67. Lawali Bunka at Munhaye has 80 boys

68. Shehu Bagewaye has an unspecified number of boys

69. Dancaki Odita has an unspecified number of boys

70. Standard & Sani black has an unspecified number of boys

71. Kabiru Maniya has an unspecified number of boys

72. Malan Ila has an unspecified number of boys

73. Rageb Kacalla Haruna, Katare has an unspecified number of boys

74. Hasan and Husaini Jaja has an unspecified number of boys

75. Dogo Hamza has an unspecified number of boys

76. Auta of Anka has an unspecified number of boys.

Ige Olugbenga is a fine-grained journalist. He loves the smell of a good lead and has a penchant for finding out something nobody else knows.