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Man Who Quit Seminary School After Training For 20 Years To Be A Priest Says He Enjoys Marriage



A Ugandan man, Jude Thaddeus Jasu who was at a seminary for twenty years before tying the knot has shared his thoughts on marriage.

Jasu married his wife, Connie Mary Kiteko at St Francis Chapel Makerere University, Uganda in August 2019. stated that Jasu had always wanted to be a priest and trained for more than twenty years to achieve his dream. But for reasons he refused to disclose he decided to quit his pursuit.

Jasu admitted that he found it hard to cope outside the seminary and he had to go through a lot of counselling. He maintained that it took him three years to learn how to cope.

He said: “I had to go through a lot of counselling from both my family and members of Mill Hill Missionaries. I was told God’s ways are not our ways and He is the one who has a purpose for everything. “

When it was time to get married, he was confused on how to go about it because he had no experience on dating.

He met his wife in 2015, when he travelled to Uganda for the holidays and was invited for a visit by a friend.

He said: “He told me about his sister and gave me a go-ahead to date her. Although I barely knew what to do or say, he refused to approach her on my behalf. When I finally met her, she was so beautiful that I lost my words.”

He summoned the courage and asked his wife out and things turned out well.

Jude stated that he is currently enjoying his marriage and it is a decision that he does not regret.

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