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Nigerian Man Dies 19 Days After Wedding




A new groom, Comrade Onwe Philip Ogenyi has died in a motorcycle accident 19 days after his wedding.

The 33-year-old who recently welcomed his first child tied the knot with his hearthrob on November 27 and died on December 16.

He was on his way from the Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki (FETHA) Abakaliki, where his wife had given birth when he encountered the accident.

Ogenyi friend, Ogenyi Callistus shared the sad event on Facebook.

He wrote: “Dear SOUL BROTHER Ogenyi Philip, just two weeks after your wedding,you went to hospital with your precious wife for child delivery.”

“After a successful delivery, just for you to go get some items from home back to the hospital, you never returned to the hospital but travelled to great beyond

“You could not even name your handsome boy. Philip, who does that? Could it be your fate that you’ll never see your own child? Again, dear philip, who accepts such ugly fate?

“SOUL BROTHER Philip,as you return back to ashes tomorrow, we your brothers will be coming from today’s night for the last homage but we ask you for a thing: Be the first and the last amongst us to travel this young. Shut every entrance to untimely death against US and, we shall live to honour you in remembrance.

“As our pioneer president, we all miss you so very HUGE, SOUL BROTHER Philip. As our undergraduate schoolmate, we miss you so very DEEP, Mr. President. As great friends united in comradeship, we all miss you so very UNENDINGLY, comrade Philip.

“You was a study in humility and your passage at this untimely age has left in us great pain. We MOURN you so very DEEPLY and we LOVE you so very PASSIONATELY and DIFFERENTLY even at/in death. May CHUKWUOKIKEABIAMA grant you eternal bliss, SOUL BROTHER Philip. Isee! Iseee!! Iseee”

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