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Angry Teenager Brutalizes His Grandmother Over Christmas Food In Lagos



Tolu Olubunmi, 19 has reportedly brutalized his grandmother, 72, over food in the Ogba area of Lagos State, Naija News understands.

It was gathered that the alleged assault occurred on Boxing Day, December 26, 2021.

According to a source, it’s not the first time the teenager will beat up his grandmother or other family members and right now, everyone is scared of him.

The source said: “He’s my cousin and him and his mom live with my grandmother. Yesterday, my grandmother bought kerosine and asked him to help her carry it, since he said he was hungry and was pestering her for food. He got angry and slapped her, then he started kicking her. His mom and his friends were there but they didn’t do anything.

This is not the first time he will beat her up. He has even beat up two of my uncles, one is my mom’s brother and the other is my aunt’s husband. He has gone out of control.

They tried reporting it to the police station in Ogba but the police asked us to pay N20,000 for them to bring him in for questioning. They are refusing to do anything and they’re saying its a domestic issue.

My cousin feels he is untouchable and keeps terrorizing everyone. How can a 19-year-old boy beat up his grandmother to the point that she was rushed to the hospital and can not even lift up a spoon? Everyone is scared of him.”

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