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VIDEO: Man Disgraces Girlfriend After Catching Her ‘Cheating’



A video capturing the moment a man was seen accosting his girlfriend in Abuja for allegedly cheating on him with another man has surfaced on social media.

In the now-viral video, a yet-to-be identified girl, who is in a relationship, was caught with another man in a Mall.

The lady was accosted as she was about entering the man’s car after shopping with him, unfortunately, her boyfriend immediately moved towards her and the guy inside the car.

Brewing with anger, her boyfriend demanded that the lady returns all the item he had previously bought for her especially the expensive chain he bought for the girl which she was presently putting on.

He was also heard saying’ ‘’Where is the iPhone and the chain I bought?’’.

The other guy whom the lady went out with was seen pleading with the real boyfriend to take it easy so as to avoid public disgrace, but all to no avail.

Watch the video below:

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