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Young Lady Cries Out As Masquerade Grips Her Waist Firmly



A viral video of a yet to be identified lady pleading to be left alone after she was held tightly by a masquerade has surfaced on social media.

In the video, the lady was captured begging the masquerade humorously to let go of his grip.

She was also heard beckoning on a standby friend, who was laughing at the background that the masquerade is asking for intimacy.

The lady despite pleading does not look like she’s in harms way as both she and her friend were smiling while she uttered the words.

Watch the video below;

Meanwhile, another lady was recently seen in a viral video being wooed by a masquerade.

The masquerade in the video who was expected to be on duty and representing the gods was spotted collecting a lady’s phone number with the sole purpose of keeping in touch later on.

According to the voices heard in the video, the masquerade also asked the lady if she is on WhatsApp, telling her to dial the number she entered on his phone for him to confirm it is valid. Watch video here:

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