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Wives: Five Ways To Celebrate Christmas, New Year With Your Husbands



Women: Five Ways To Spend Christmas, New Year With Your Husbands

It’s Yuletide season and as expected, spouses are curious about what to gift their partners, how and where to spend the memorable season with their loved ones.

Naija News understands that Christmas and New Year celebrations, aside from their real essence always comes with an exchange of love and presents.

As simple as these celebrations could be to some persons, it is a daring moment for some as they ponder on what to give in exchange to their loved ones, how to best spend the season and make it an indeed a memorable one.

To this end, Naija News has decided to outline a few things wives can do to enjoy the season with their husbands.

NOTE: A good and wonderful celebration, gifts and surprises can spice up your relationships and even help you build that strong union that keeps you both going afloat in love.

1. Praise Him: At this end of the year, while many companies and brands would be sending thank you messages to their clients, employees, also do the same for your husband.

Men love to be praised. Shower some praises on your husband. Appreciate how wonderful he has been, how he has been helpful throughout the year. Yes, he needs to hear it!

2. Flirt With Him: Don’t be a boring wife and do not let some careless ladies out there help your husband meet his urge.

Romantic teasing is not meant for women only, men too enjoy it. Tickle him, have some pillow play, grab his balls (laughs), it’s your property, however, be mindful of your grabs o before you do yourself by crushing it and eventually land him in the hospital this Christmas (laughs).

3. Tell Him Your Sincere Needs And Not Just Hints: This is not the time for mind games. Your husband is not a mind reader, don’t assume he should know what to do at all times.

Note: Men always have a lot going through their minds, heads. Be specific, open your mouth and say it clear. Remember that you have him all to yourself this time and hence, maximize the opportunity and get things right.

4. Take Turns Initiating Love making: You can not go the usual way in love making this Christmas, no way. For this year yuletide, take out time to decorate your bedroom with Christmas lights.

In the night hour, put off the electric lights and allow the Christmas light to give its colourful display. Do your thing and enjoy an ever sparkling and burbling nighttime with your husband.

And if you do not have the means to get Christmas lights, strategize on how to make your bedroom have at least some colourful light so that you can switch it off when the going to ‘holy communion’ is about to begin.

5. Say Nice Things About His People: Christmas and New Year seasons are not just meant for merriment and all sorts of dining. Use this time also to win your husband’s heart and make your love life even much stronger.

Hold your husband by his hands, look into his eyes and say good things about his people. If you have the means, send them Christmas gifts and encourage him also to send them something this season. Do send them text messages even when you do not have the means to get them gifts.

Naija News wish you all a happy Christmas and New Year in Advance. Cheers!!!

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