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Festive Season: Ibiyeomie Speaks On The Power Of Tithe



Festive Season: Ibiyeomie Speaks On The Power Of Tithe

The General Overseer of Salvation Ministry, David Ibiyeomie, has charged his church members not to tamper with their tithe this festive season.

Ibiyeomie while preaching at the church’s headquarters in Port Harcourt, noted that payment of tithe guarantees protection of life.

The cleric called on his church members to desist from giving excuses for not paying tithe following expenses at the yuletide.

He said, “the first thing tithing does is to preserve your Life and not the money, tithing is what preserves you, let us find out who is the devourer from God’s Word – 1st Peter 5:8, The Devourer is the Devil, so the first thing tithing does is to stop Satan from attacking your life.

“This festive season and beyond please be careful not to tamper with your tithe. Many people this time do tamper with their tithe, they will say I want to buy headgear, I have to travel, I have to buy a shoe, I have to buy my suit, so you will see them cutting corners, they will go on to say that as I was going, the motor caught fire, my child is in the hospital, all manners of story, then they say: with all the prayers of protection.

“The real question to ask yourself is that with all the money I stole from God.

“So, do not make God look like a magician please pay your tithe. Every money that comes to you, please pay your tithe, pay all.”

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