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Lady Who Is Set To Marry Heart-throb Reveals How She Was Scared Of Entering Same Bus With Him




A lady, Jane Nwachukwu , who will be getting married soon, has revealed how she was scared of entering the same bus with her partner.

The bride-to-be took to her Facebook page to reveal how she met her partner.

She said: “He Has Crowned Me With The Crown of Glory. 6th of January 2019 I met this young man at Nothing Pass God park, Onitsha, my first time of travelling with Nothing Pass God Motors, we both Waited to board a bus and I prayed in my Heart he shouldn’t enter my bus, because he had a weird dreadlock unfortunately but Fortunately for me he did.”

Jane further explained that her fiancee was supposed to be in the bus that left before theirs but he didn’t like the seat he was offered and decided to switch.

According to her, that was how they ended up in the same bus.

“Funny enough same seat he rejected from the previous bus was again given to him so he became upset and started complaining though i didn’t want him in same bus with me I felt we were wasting time so I begged him to enter the bus,” Jane said.

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“Fast-forward to February 2021 I made a post on my whatsapp status for Valentine gift sales and he replied and said buy for me nah I don’t have anybody to buy for or buy for me. You can guess the rest. It was a Divine Orchestration, be nice at all times you don’t know who you meet and when you meet your Angel. Celebrate with us as we seal this Love.”