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Commotion As Wedding Guest Finds Out His Girlfriend Is The Bride |Video


A video showing the moment a guest created a scene at a wedding ceremony after he found out that the bride is his own girlfriend has surfaced on social media.

According to reports, the yet-to-be identified man who showed up to the venue just like the other guests received the shock of his life after discovering that the lady who was getting married was his girlfriend.

Distorted by the turn of events, the man who could not believe his eye started causing drama but  was quickly whisked away by security guards at the wedding before things could escalate.

The video was shared online alongside the caption; “He was invited to a wedding and he came to meet his girlfriend as the BRIDE.”

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

CandyOps wrote; ”This is part of the reason why it is important to feed your groomsmen well for backstage before wedding start. So them go get energy tidy any attempted attempt by any bagga to stampede the event.

Correct niggahs. See as them airlift the fool one time.”

AuntyVanessa wrote; ‘‘That man is an idiot, very useless man? You’re trying to disrupt someone’s wedding because you discovered that the bride was your girlfrien. Girlfriend o, not your wife o. Some men can be so stupid. Na panel beating idiot like this deserves.”

EXLOVER wrote; ”Girls get married to who is ready and available, the boyfriend that is creating scene is still living in hope, and the girl met a ready made guy, she took advantage of the situation.

“HML to her. The boy should be happy instead of him creating scene, he’s free now, he should work on building himself alone.’Sometimes some burdens have to leave, for you to your next level. Nor dey create scene like person wey lost huge amount of money.”

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