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“Copied In All But Caught In None” – Graduate’s Sign Out Sparks Reactions



A photo of a graduating student with an audacious inscription on his sign-out vest has surfaced on social media.

Naija News understands that it is a usual practice of graduating students to have a signing out occasion after their final exams which entails the donning of white vests sometimes inscribed with choice words from their experiences gathered from the school.

The students also celebrate themselves by appending their signatures on their shirts.

However, the inscription on a particular graduate’s vest got the attention of many on social media.

The inscription reads: “Copied in All but Caught in None”.

See photo below;

See some of the reactions below;

Owen247 wrote; Be like say this one wan make dem revoke em certificate, some people will just not learn form other people’s experience ( the girl that initially did this , and had to rewrite all her university exam papers )

 MufasaLion wrote; ‘Nigerians are not smart enough to zip their lips when they do bad things. What’s the point of broadcasting it? Noisemaker!’

Gadafii wrote; ‘Its obvious Nigerians no dey learn, if MMM come out today and apologise, then promise to double “investors” money in two weeks if they invest, millions of Nigerians go still fall mugu’

RichDad1 wrote; ‘Idiots. When he’s caught for questioning, he’ll starting shouting village people and his fellow dimwits will claim it’s all cruise.’

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