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“Men Don’t Help Themselves” – Lady Cries Out



A woman has revealed that a man would rather help a woman instead of their fellow man.

The lady identified as Hadhanr revealed on Twitter that the reason most men keep their problems to themselves is because they know they won’t be getting help from anyone.

The lady gave a scenario of how she was standing at a bus stop with a man and she easily got a lift from a man. When she asked the man why he had refused to help the man standing with her he replied that the guy was a man and he would sort himself out.

She wrote: “Men find it difficult to help their fellow men. I remember a day I & a guy stood on the road, not close to each other though, man was flagging vehicles to help him to the gate and none answered, then one car passed him and parked near me to offer me a lift. I asked why he didn’t stop for the other guy and he replied “He’s a man, he’d figure it.”

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