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‘A Man Who Can’t Cook Is An Open Target For The Devil’



Pastor Shola Adeoye, an Houston based Nigerian pastor, has claimed that a man who can’t cook is an open target for the devil.

The clergyman revealed on a post via his Instagram handle that a man who can’t make his own meals is a target for the devil because he will end up eating his enemies food.

Naija News reports that the clergyman encouraged parents to teach their sons how to cook.

He wrote: “A man who can’t cook is an open target for the devil, teach your boys. He will eat the food of his enemy without knowing. Teach your boys how to run the kitchen. They will one day need it”

In other news, a man has left doctors perplexed after he reportedly received ten jabs of the COVID-19 vaccine in one day.

Naija News learnt that the individual usually approach doctors in New Zealand as a different person for each of the jabs.

The report also alleged that the individual was being paid by anti-vaxxers to get their jabs.

It added that he is been given the jab before the vaccination records discovered he was the same person.

Reacting to the act, University of Auckland vaccinologist and associate professor, Helen Petousis-Harris described the man’s actions as a ‘really dumb thing to do’.

‘I think the chances of them feeling extra awful are higher than someone who had a regular dose,‘ the Doctor said. Read more

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