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Adeboye Gives New Prophecy On Coronavirus, Reveals Those Who Will Die From It



Pastor Adeboye Of RCCG Makes Special Request From Church Members

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has opened up on his revelation from God when he prayed about the coronavirus pandemic.

The clergyman revealed during the church’s annual Holy Ghost Congress, that the virus would not harm Nigerians and those who would die are simply the ones whose time have come.

He said: “Whether you believe it or not, failure to pray is a sign of pride. The highly developed nations of the world believe that they have all the technologies and resources, and they can take care of themselves. Then an enemy showed up. An enemy they cannot see.

“And they looked at Africa without money and resources and predicted that we will be dying like chicken. But they left out one parameter, and that is God. They left out that there is still a group of people who in their helpless estate still lift up their eyes to God and say ‘God help us’.

“I said it in January 1 this year, I was telling them the government has done very well in fighting coronavirus, an enemy we can’t see. I said don’t be careless but don’t be afraid because there is a God who can see the invisible.

“When this coronavirus broke, I cried to God and Daddy answered me. God spoke to me specifically and said, ‘Son, I have heard your cry. Only those whose time has come will die’.

He also spoke on the recent snake bite attack happening in the nation and said that those who die from snake bites are about 2000 every year which translates to 4000 in 2years.

The popular clergyman maintained that the COVID-19 pandemic has been around for 2years but have not killed up to 4000 people in Nigeria, assuring his congregants to put their mind at ease that the virus would only harm them if it was their time to die.

“But when pride comes and the moment you think you can do things on your own, God will leave everything to you. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble,” he added.

“God made you for his pleasure so he doesn’t like the idea of you wanting to be independent of Him. He wants to have fellowship with him. That’s why when Adam fell he came down looking for him. He enjoys hearing you pray. I pray over the water before using it to bath. I pray over every little thing I do.

“The devil knows the only way to help when you are under a siege is by prayer so he attacks the prayer life of people. Prayerlessness enables the siege to continue.”

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