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“They Are Lesbians”- Reactions As Mercy Eke Exchange Food With Friend



A viral video of BB Naija Mercy Eke sharing food with her friend has caused a stir online.

In the video, Mercy’s friend was fed a slice of beef and she proceeded to share the meat with Mercy while it was still in her mouth.

There have been different reactions to the viral video. While some feel it is just a normal female friendship, some maintain that there is more to it.

Below is the video and some comments culled by Naija News.


Tobilio Shanky: “Yes … Ladies can do it… But guys can’t…. Let’s just deal with it and move on.”

Cornel: “My own na to watch”

Anonymous: “They are lesbians Biko , I don’t care about people’s sexuality but this is a clear sign that they are , tomorrow you will see she will go and marry a man , that is the problem with marriage today most gay people go and get married to straight people that causes a lot of problems.”

Aliusandra: “lesbianism.”

Bobriverbank: “Touch of lesbianism is in 99percent of girls.”

Chidebere9200: “Normal for some people, but is irritating to me, my own opinion though.”

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