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Former Child Actress, Jonshel Alexander Shot Dead At 22



A former child actress has been shot dead at 22. The deceased, identified as Jonshel Alexander was murdered inside a car.

Alexander had starred in Beasts of the Southern Wild in 2012 when she was 12 years old.

Multiple reports confirmed that Alexander died on the spot after an assailant shot at the vehicle she was in. The dire incident occurred on Saturday at 1500 block of North Claiborne Avenue in New Orleans.

Her mother Shelley Alexander told the New Orleans Advocate that her daughter brought life to everything.

She said: “She brought life to everything.”

“Jonshel was feisty, jazzy, spoiled. It was her way or no way.”

Meanwhile, a video of a Ghanaian schoolboy hiding inside the compartment of a plane’s engine as a means to relocate abroad has surfaced on social media.

The viral video shared on Instagram captured the moment the yet-to-be-identified teenage boy was seen coming down from an airplane’s engine after security agents caught him.

The boy without thinking about his safety hid ‘perfectly’ inside the plane’s engine.

Reacting to the video, one Instagram user identified as; @callme.the.lieutenant said: “His move can send the whole passengers on that plane to their untimely grave.”

Another Instagram user wrote; ‘the boy knows what he is doing. He knows quite well he wouldn’t survive in that exhaust chamber once the jet engines came alive. He just wants to draw attention to his plight. The Govt will most likely intervene & settle him.’

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