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Lady Recounts How She Was ‘Jazzed’ While Using ATM



A Nigerian lady simply known as Sholaa has taken to social media to narrate her encounter with a diabolical man at an ATM stand.

According to Shola via Twitter, all she could remember was answering a man who asked her if the ATM was paying.

She said, after replying to the man, she couldn’t remember how she left the ATM stand and how the money in her account disappeared.

She, however, urged people to be careful during this festive period as evil people abounds looking for who they’d steal and destroy.

Read her post below; “Went to withdraw money at the ATM stand this evening…while i was at it, someone who i suppose wanted to withdraw asked if the the other machine was working i replied him and that was all i remembered when i got home how the money i withdrew left my hands and how i got home i don’t know.. Yall be careful out there. Festive is coming.. diabolical people are at it again.”

Chukwuani Victoria is an entertainment and lifestyle journalist who's passionate about storytelling. She holds a BSC in Biology and is also a certified Radio presenter with BRMC. She likes to read, research, hang out with her friends and play scrabbles.