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Reno Omokri Drags Baba Fryo Ruthlessly For Condemning Davido’s 250million Donation




Controversial author and former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has chided veteran singer, Baba Fryo, for condemning Davido’s 250million orphanage donation.

Naija News reports that Davido garnered over two hundred million naira after charging his friends and colleagues to donate N1m each for his birthday.

He later surprised many after adding fifty million naira to the donation and giving it out to orphanages across the country.

However, a recent video posted by the veteran singer disclosed that despite needing help, Davido and 2face abandoned and refused to offer any form of support.

Fryo said that it was quite hilarious if people like him who is popular can be ignored then it would be ridiculous to believe orphanages with unknown individuals would be offered help.

Reacting to the development on Instagram, Reno Omokri called out Baba Fryo over his entitlement mentality.

He also questioned him on the number of lives he impacted while he was at the top. 

Taking to his Instagram, Reno Omokri wrote, “Honestly, I can’t believe the entitlement mentality that Baba Fryo displayed. How can you condemn Davido’s ₦250 million donation to orphanages because “someone like me who is popular and well known was not helped, it is people and orphanages that no one knows that is being helped”? 

“You say you are popular. Use your popularity to help yourself, and allow the young man help orphans who have no popularity to capitalise on. Scripture says “It is good for a man to bear the yoke while he is young”-Lamentations 3:27. What did Fryo do for others when he was on top? No. Wrong question. What did he even do for himself when he was young? 

“Has he shown initiative? Did he even publish his account number, like Davido did, and people refused to donate? Other celebrities saw Davido’s action, and instead of complaining, they emulated him, published their account numbers and got love from their fans. Including two twins who just reunited.  Wow! I have never seen such entitlement in my life. Help me because I am popular? Really? Davido is young enough to be Fryo’s son. There is no better advert for the proverb that wisdom does not come with age than the case of Fryo and Davido. Use your youth well so you don’t end up like…”

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