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Man Reveals That A MacBook He Sent From London To Nigeria Was Delivered As A Doll To The Receiver



A man has revealed how a Macbook he sent from London, Uk was delivered as a baby doll when it got to Nigeria.

The man identified as Victor on his social media account stated that he sent a MacBook pro worth 700k from London to Nigeria and the recipient got a baby doll instead.

The man also said that he spent a sum of 55k on clearance. He thereafter went on social media to lament the development.

Reacting to the incident, most Nigerians have asked the man to take legal actions.

baloguntheking: Someone should be held accountable, which one is Nigeria is rough”
wendy_juliaa: “Sue them!”
tori_poonky: This is not even funny. He should take actions”
christaraph56: Sue them to court”
charles_omoye: Next time, send the money instead. It’s better to be safe than sorry.”
zazashoes4: “so they changed the mac or what. Are they known to tample with people stuffs?”

Meanwhile, Nigerian singer, David Adeleke better known as Davido has revealed his likely plans to give away the over hundred million donations received from his friends.

Naija News reports Davido  hit more than one hundred and eighty-one million Naira in donations from his friends to clear his Rolls Royce from the port.

This came after the father of four took to his social media account to call on people who have been impacted with his music to raise the sum of 100 million Naira for him to clear his Rolls Royce at the port ahead of his birthday. Read More


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