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Naija News At Five: A Newspaper That Redefined News Reportage



When starting off a niche in an industry that many are not used to, you are not expected to surmount the challenges before you.

But Naija News, by providing quality journalism, had defied the odds, broke boundaries, pulled down walls, and divided oceans since its launch exactly five years ago.

In an industry saturated with sensational sites, clickbait giants, fake news merchants, religious/ethnic promoters, and pro/anti-government platforms, Naija News, founded in 2016, has stood out as a credible go-to news source for every southerner, northerner, Christian, Muslim, Pagan, anti-government/pro-government individual, secessionist, and its growing global audience.

Hard work, grit, skilled journalists, and management with a keen eye for excellence, have set Naija News apart from the rest as it keeps building a unique audience.

With an average of seven million monthly views, this online newspaper must be hitting the right buttons and telling the right stories Nigerians and foreign nationals want to read.

Keeping Naija News at the very top has not been easy, but with dedication, sleepless nights and refusal to lower standards, we have achieved this,” Opemipo Olawale Adeniyi, Naija News Publisher stated.

Naija News

Opemipo Adeniyi

Why Naija News?

This online newspaper has adopted unique write-ups for various audiences, meaning there is something for everyone on

The content on the platform is tailored to meet the needs of an increasingly diversified readership base both in Nigeria and outside the shores of the country.

Dollar to naira exchange rate: This talks about the daily exchange rate between the dollar and naira on the official CBN channel and the parallel market (black market). Those that trade, and deal in the stock market, etc know where to go for accurate information on Forex.

Top Nigerian newspaper headlines: A round-up of the major news that drew national discussion the previous day, is presented in a summarized version here with links to the actual stories. This is for those who may have missed the big stories.

Nigerian Newspapers Daily front pages: This is a guide to get NaijaNews readers informed on major headlines and what is trending across newspapers in the country. Since its introduction, the newspaper has been bombarded with goodwill messages lauding the strategic thinking of the editorial team.

The week in review: With the hustle and bustle of life in Nigeria, one may have missed (or not gotten proper details) some reports during the week. That’s where Naija News’ review of trending stories the past week, comes in handy. It drops on Sunday mornings.

Eco Watch: ‘With great powers, comes great responsibility’. We would be shying away from our responsibility if we refuse to highlight the effect of climate change on our environment. This segment focuses on the environment and the effect our everyday lives have on it.

Opinions: We have decided to give ‘some individuals’ the platform to express their views on certain national issues. But our responsibility as GATEKEEPERS gives us the power to filter and weed out fake news, inciting opinions and hate speech.

Editorial: Naija News as a media organisation would not fail to lend its voice to issues affecting Nigerians both at home and in the diaspora. Whether such editorials are in favour or against the government, we won’t relinquish our duty as WATCHDOGS.

You have to continually try to look for ways to standout. You can’t keep doing what everybody is doing in this era of fake news and gossip blogs.

“Naija News has refused to follow the crowd just because we want traffic,” Adeniyi added.

As we hit the big five, we thank our valued readers, advertisers, and the ever-willing staff, and everyone who has contributed to this vision.

Our promise is that Naija News, having redefined news reportage since its inception, won’t lose steam.

We would continue to put credibility above everything to take this platform to the very top.

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