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Family Of Bob-Oseni Reveals Why He Was In Collapsed Ikoyi Building



Family Of Bob-Oseni Reveals Why He Was In Collapsed Ikoyi Building

The widow of one of the victims of the Ikoyi building collapse in Lagos State, Wale Bob-Oseni, Adeola Oseni, has debunked the report that her late husband was one of the contractors in the skyscraper.

It was gathered that Bob-Oseni was on his way to the airport returning to the United States on Monday, when his friend, Femi Osibona, owner of Fourscore Homes, called him to check out his ongoing building on Gerard Road, Ikoyi.

Sadly the 21-story building collapsed with Bob-Oseni, Osibona and several others inside, killing them and many others.

The family of Oseni in a statement released on the issue described the deceased as a “hardworking young and upwardly mobile Nigerian.”

The family said, “On Thursday, November 4, 2021, our hope that our husband, brother, son, nephew, friend and the core of many networks of hardworking young and upwardly mobile Nigerians, Wale Bob Oseni, would be one of the survivors of the ill-fated crash was dashed.

“Since we identified his body, we have been struggling with the nightmarish reality of our irreparable loss, the chasm of his absence, and the multi-dimensional proportions of this transition from being to nothingness.

“It is not true that Wale Bob Oseni was a director or contractor in the Fourscore Properties construction transaction.

“The owner, Femi Osibona and Wale, were both alumni of Mayflower School, Ikenne where both of them bonded.

“It was this camaraderie that made Osibona invite him to see the dream project he was building.”

The incident where fifteen people survived, has seen more than forty people dead, while others are still missing.

Families of victims of the building collapse are now claiming bodies of their relatives with the Lagos State Government carrying out a DNA test as a means of identification.

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