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Alex Reveals The Only Reason A Person Should Have Body Odor



Former Bbnaija housemate Alexandra Axogwa has revealed the only reason a person should be allowed to have body odor.

Alex stated that except a person has a skin condition they should not smell. She encouraged people to take proper care of themselves to make them have a healthy aura around them.

She also berated those who tried to mask their unhygienic ways by using perfume to cover up their smell.

Alex consequently advised people to take a proper bath, sundry their clothes. The reality star questioned people on how often they wear their underwear.

In other news, in a video making the rounds on social media, a clergywoman has informed her congregation not to get angry if they see her in a private jet.

The woman berated members who always feel the pastors and their families are using their congregant’s money to live a luxurious lifestyle.

She revealed that if a pastor’s wife should make a beautiful hairstyle some might feel the hair is a product of the finances they are pumping into the church.

She asked church members with such thoughts to desist from them, adding that pastors also sew seeds from their personal pockets for things to get better for them.

The pastor stated in no uncertain terms that no one has any right to be angry if they see her in a private jet because people are not aware of her sacrifice. Read More