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Lady In Hijab Wows People With Her Exceptional Basketball Skills (Video)



A young lady in a hijab has left many people in excitement with her amazing basketball skills.

The young lady identified as Jamad Finn has broken stereotypes with her exceptional talent. Her posts on social media have also led her to become very popular and win the hearts of many.

In a video interview with the BBC, Jamad revealed that most people have never seen a lady play basketball with exceptional talent while on full Muslim regalia.

She stated that her videos online would give other Muslim ladies who were interested in the sport to also play and would also help in convincing some parents in allowing their children to follow their dreams.

She said: “A lot of people now, they see a Muslim girl doing sports and they are not surprised anymore. No one automatically thinks we don’t go outside the house or just the stereotypes that are put upon us already, people don’t think that as much.”