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162 Nigerian Migrants Return Voluntarily From Libya



162 illegal migrants who left their Nigeria to go to Europe have decided to return to home.

These illegal migrants voluntarily chose to return to Nigeria. The return was made possible thanks to the cooperation between the Nigerian government and the International Organization for Migration IOM.

98 women, 24 children and 12 infants have therefore chosen to abandon their crossing to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea, some of them due to health problems.

According to a report by the Nigerian National Emergency Management Agency, nearly 22,000 Nigerian irregular migrants have voluntarily returned from Libya since 2017 with the help of United Nations voluntary repatriation programs.

If many of them bet on the hope of finding a better life than in Libya, they are quickly confronted with the difficulties that they have fled to see more. In debt by their trip or psychologically broken by the traffickers, they struggle to find a normal life.

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