The South African Independent Electoral Commission has started counting the votes for the 2021 municipal elections. Maroela Media will from time to time publish the latest news about the results here, Follow the live results here.

DA and ANC head to head in Gauteng

There is an intensified battle between the ANC and the DA over who will be in power in Gauteng municipalities, based on the votes counted so far in this year’s municipal election.

Only 13% of the votes were counted in Gauteng by 08:40. The ANC is currently leading with 156,504 votes (34.6%), but the DA is short on its heels with 153,079 votes (33.84%).

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) was third in Gauteng at the time of publication, with 52 619 votes (11.63%), while the Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) already received 18 382 votes (7.65%).

According to the results, the ANC has probably already conquered five municipalities, and the party is leading in three other municipalities. The DA has conquered one municipality, so to speak, and is leading another municipality.

The EFF and FF Plus do not yet have a municipality in the bag.

The ANC has already won 282 wards nationally, the DA 111, EFF 11 and the FF Plus have so far added three wards.

EFF gets a lot of support here

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have so far gained more than 10% support in at least four of the nine provinces.

At 09:45, the EFF united 14% in Mpumalanga (67,277 votes) on him, followed by North West, with 21,846 votes (14.45%). In Gauteng and the Free State, the party won 62,463 votes (12.08%) and 33,948 (11.42%) votes, respectively.

The EFF had already won 12 wards nationally at the time of publication and won 8.95% of the vote. It was by 10:00 Tuesday the party with the third most votes nationwide.

DA stands strong in Tshwane

Rain and thunderstorms during the municipal election. (Photo: DA Western Cape / Twitter)

Although the ANC has so far had the slightest advantage in Gauteng, the DA is still far ahead in Tshwane.

By 10:50 on Tuesday morning, 7% of the votes in the City of Tshwane had been counted.

The DA was able to obtain 19 618 votes (35.18%) in the city. The ANC is in second place with 17,222 votes (30.89%), followed by the EFF with 6,324 votes (11.34%).

By that time, the FF Plus had obtained almost 5 508 votes (10%) in the city.

This is what business looks like in Johannesburg

In the City of Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba’s party, Action SA, hosts the ANC and DA. This party already has 20,838 votes (19.01%) and is third in Johannesburg.

However, the picture in Johannesburg looks different from that in Tshwane, with the ANC leading by 35,614 votes (32.5%), compared to the DA’s 30,510 votes (27.84%).

The EFF is fourth on the list with 11,257 votes (10.27%), followed by the IFP with 1,728 votes (1.58%).

ANC also leading in Nelson Mandela Bay

In Nelson Mandela Bay in the Eastern Cape, the ANC has already obtained almost 24,644 votes (50%).

The DA follows with 17,678 votes (33.6%) and the EFF is third with 4,084 votes (7.76%). This is one of the most controversial metros and the DA took control here in December after years of corruption and mismanagement under the leadership of the ANC. The DA won the most votes in this metro in 2016 and formed a coalition government with other, smaller parties. After this, the leadership constantly changed between the DA and the ANC.