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Burna Boy And His Mother Extorted Me – US Based Promoter Alleges



A US-based promoter has accused Nigerian singer Daminu Ogulu aka Burna Boy and his mother Bose Ogulu of extorting him.

The promoter stated that he paid Burna Boy $15,000 for a show and the singer posted the flier on his Instagram but when it was time for him to perform, Burna Boy allegedly refused to show up.

The promoter then stated that his mother, Bose Ogulu who doubles as his manager told him to pay an extra $10,000 before Burna Boy would leave his hotel and come to perform in the show.

He said he realized that he was being extorted and refused to pay the extra money Burna Boy’s mother demanded. When they realized he was not paying Burna Boy and his team snuck out of the hotel.

He said when he realized what had happened he demanded a refund but Burna boy and his mother refused to return his money.

View his post below:

In other news, a Delta state native doctor has been caught while trying to bury a 3-month-old child alive.

A man identified as Ununuma Bidemi Edward-Odoi posted the story on social media.

The witch doctor who is said to be a resident of Edeoja in Upata Epeye allegedly disappeared when he was beaten up by the youths.

When the youths got to his house they discovered lot of pictures of men who were tied, nailed and chained to different places. The youths decided to burn down his house but they were unsuccessful as they claimed that the house refused to burn.

They decided to break it down after this happened, Odoi alleged that those who were were blind could now see and those that were suffering from stroke were now delivered. Read More