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Secondary Schoolgirl Performs Joeboy’s Alcohol Challenge In School



The alcohol challenge of joeboy’s song “I sip my alcohol” trending on social media has been taken to a Nigerian school by a young girl.

A video making the rounds on social media shows the girl gathered by her schoolmates and teachers. She then proceeds to do slow body movements as the song plays in the background.

When the song gets to the chorus, she proceeds to pour water on herself. Her schoolmates cheer her on while the teachers silently watch. Most people have condemned the action of the girl stating that it is not acceptable in a secondary school. However, others have said that there is no harm in the girl’s actions and the students are simply having fun.

In other news, a Nigerian comedian, MC Morris has revealed that he will be returning back to Nigeria due to the high cost of living in Canada.

The comedian revealed this via a post shared on his Instastories. He explained that he pays huge amount of money for the basic amenities in Canada and stated that it was his last month in the country.

Below are some reactions to Morris decision to come back to Nigeria.

Kosi: “My bro be sure that this is not a fry pan to fire arrangement oh”

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