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UK Newspapers Daily Front Pages Review | Tuesday, 26 October, 2021



Naija News looks at the top happenings making headlines on the front pages of newspapers in the United Kingdom today Tuesday, 26 October 2021.

Sunak will end public sector pay freeze amine cost of living crisis despite economists saying measure not enough to make up for inflation and cuts, according to The Guardian.

PM Boris Johnson has come under fire ahead of the COP26 after telling an audience of children: “Recycling isn’t the answer”, Metro reports.

Sunak has ruled out longer school days and extra tutoring to help students whose education has been badly affected by COVID lockdown, i reports

Motorists face a winter of rising fuel prices, The Times reports, they were warned on Monday night that the cost of petrol will hit a record high of 143p per litre

According to The Daily Telegraph, more than five million public sector workers will get a pay rise in 2022 as Rishi Sunak announces the end of the pandemic pay freeze.

The Daily Mail leads with reports that Chancellor Rishi Sunak plans for a pay rise for seven million workers, the paper however asked how Rishi Sunak will afford it?

At the top of The INDEPENDENT, several dead after protests in Sudan following a coup that ousted the country’s government.

Thank you for reading, that all for today, see you again tomorrow for a review of UK newspapers.

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