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Tiwa Savage Reveals What The Song “Somebody’s Son” Is Really About



Tiwa Savage has opened up on what one of her trending songs “somebody’s son will love you one day” is about.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, Tiwa revealed in an episode of “catching up with Tiwa” that the song is about a girl who has been heartbroken several times but chooses not to give up and instead keep the fire burning and hopes that someday she will find love.

She also revealed that she had wanted to work with Brandy for a long time and was quite ecstatic when someone linked them up.

She stated that they had become quite close to the extent that they are now more like sisters.


Recall that Naija News earlier reported that the singer’s sex tape got leaked and has sparked different reactions from different people.

While some have showed their support for her and launched a hashtag called #istandwithTiwa others have condemned her actions and stated that she ought to have known better considering she has a son and is a mentor to some young Nigerian girls.

Tiwa recently revealed that some people would feel happy if she were dead, and her fans have urged her to stay strong and not to give up hope.