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Ezeife ‘Reveals’ Those Planning To Spill More Blood In Anambra



Some People Are Planning To Spill More Blood In Anambra - Ezeife

Former Governor of Anambra State, Chukwuemeka Ezeife, has alleged that some people within and outside of the South-East are planning to cause more violence in the state.

Naija News reports that Anambra has been in the news for the past weeks due to the November 6 governorship election and the killings and violence perpetrated by unknown gunmen in the state and the South-East in general.

During an appearance on Arise News on Monday, Ezeife stated that the spate of killings and violence experienced in the state is worrisome and should be quickly addressed.

He said, “Some people are behind this, and we know some of them. These are human beings both South Easterners and Non-South Easterners, even DSS. The unknown gunmen we have started to know them.

“Only last week, I was campaigning for postponing the election for two months because of what I saw. Last week, I knew about some people planning to spill more blood.

“Last week, I knew that people had no confidence in what is coming. Last week I knew that if the election were held, people will be afraid to come out.

“But today, things have changed with the statement by the chairman of INEC talking about embarrassing cleanness of the election. With the senate changing its position from being against the electronic transfer of electoral results to supporting it.

“Today we will go home and appeal to all the people who are doing the killing to stop it.

“Those who are coming from outside must stop it, the sponsors from outside must stop it; those who are being used from inside must stop it.

“Today also the reason for the killing is no longer there. The reason for the killing was to frighten the people so that they don’t come out and the election can be declared anyhow and rigged.

“Now the system has said, No More Rigging, and it is not just for Anambra election.”

The former governor condemned the planned deployment of security agencies to the state, saying that the agents may go against the rule of engagement.

Ezeife said: “If you say you are bombarding the place with all kinds of security forces, it depends on what you have briefed them to do when they get there.

“People may take money and do another thing from what they are supposed to do. So, please it is not just that you pack police. Which police, Army are you packing? Are they honest to themselves? They may be used for Rigging instead of to safeguarding”.

Ige Olugbenga is a fine-grained journalist. He loves the smell of a good lead and has a penchant for finding out something nobody else knows.