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Phone Case Blocks Bullet Fired At Armed Robbery Victim




Hulk Phone case

A Brazilian man has narrowly escaped death after his mobile phone case reportedly blocked a bullet allegedly fired at him.

Naija News learnt that the unnamed man was shot at during a robbery incident in a local area in Brazil, the bullet fired at him was, however, blocked by his Hulk designed mobile phone case.

The incident, according to DailyMail, happened on October 7, 2021. It was gathered that the bullet had hit the victim’s hip before it was bounced off by his Motorola mobile phone, which fittingly was encased in a Hulk designed cover.

Hulk is a movie character in Marvel Comics fictional films who possessed superpowers among which is the ability to receive bullet shots without being affected.


Naija News understands that the robbery victim’s phone screen was smashed from where the bullet hit him, however, he escaped being killed by the gunshot. Reports revealed that he was rushed to the hospital but was confirmed hale and hearty after Dr Pedro Carvalho affirmed he only had a small bruise from the gunshot.

The victim was subsequently discharged from the hospital and sent home just a few minutes after being examined. The police confirmed the incident, revealing that the man was fired at during an attempted robbery in Petrolina, in the northeast of the country.

When police officers arrived on the scene, the suspects had already fled, and the victim was taken to hospital by paramedics. At the time of reporting, the police had not identified the suspects, and it was not reported if they continue to investigate the case.


The photos of the incident were posted on social media by Dr Carvalho.

Hulk Phone case Hulk Phone case Hulk Phone case

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