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University Of Benin Lecturer Rapes Final Year Student, Holds Her Captive



Students rape teacher

A senior lecturer known as Dr. Bode Ekundayo of the Department of English and Literature, University of Benin has been arrested by school security officers after allegedly raping a student.

The female student who is in 400 level had gone to Ekundayo’s office to register for her final year project on Tuesday, October 5, 2021, when the senior lecturer carried out his atrocious act.

After he was done with the heinous act he locked his office door and refused to let her go for hours.

The student then sent a message to her friend informing her of the predicament she was in. The student in turn went to the school security officers and reported the crime to them, they then followed her to the lecturer’s office and rescued the student. She was later rushed to the health centre for a check-up.

In the video below the lecturer is seen looking remorseful while sitting outside the health centre. A female voice is trying to tell him to be strong and that no matter how serious a crime is he should not die along with it.

Naija News has gathered from a source who is an alumnus of the department and chooses to remain anonymous that the lecturer had once impregnated a student of his and in a bid to cover up what he had done, he married her.

The source said: “Everyone knows Bode loves women, it is his way. He impregnated my coursemate and married her so that he would not get punished by the senate. I am surprised he would go as far as raping a student though.”