‘Nigeria In Terrible Crisis’ - Archbishop Enters Dirty Water After Over-Two-Year Fast [PHOTOS] | Naija News
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‘Nigeria In Terrible Crisis’ – Archbishop Enters Dirty Water After Over-Two-Year Fast [PHOTOS]



Archbishop Benjamin

The General overseer of Resurrection Praise Ministry, Archbishop Samson Mustapha Benjamin says he has not eaten any food cooked on a fire or any pleasant food in the last two years and 11 days, ending his fast with a message that the Lord is angry with those running the affairs of Nigeria.

Naija News reports that Benjamin, after his church service on Sunday, protested against bad governance in the country by walking inside a large body of stagnant water in Satelite Town, Lagos, in the presence of many residents of the area.

He explained that the masses are suffering under the present administration, pointing out that Satelite Town has the biggest barracks and the Central Bank of Nigeria head office yet the roads are very bad.

Archbishop stated that his public outcry is a divine mandate, stressing that the nation is in a terrible crisis, people in power seem not to be doing anything. The truth is God is already speaking to the leaders through me, if they don’t go back to do the things the citizens are in need of, God is not happy with them.

“This nation needs serious intervention. When we have roads like this,  not only in Lagos alone yet people are talking about 2023 when you have not met the need of the people all these while, this is just a case of misplaced priority. The leaders should not take the people for granted”.

While answering a question on what informed his over two-year fast, the General Overseer cited God’s direction as the main reason, while explaining that it was needed to avert the dangers that would have befallen Africa and Nigeria.

According to him, “Before the advent of Covid-19, God spoke to me that there will be a man-made disaster that will happen but someone has to stand in the gap for him to intervene.

“This was before September 15 2019 then I took it upon myself to begin the fasting and prayer for Africa and Nigeria in particular. By the 31st of December, the WHO announced the covid19 as a Pandemic. This is one of the things that moved me.

‘’It’s been God’s grace, it’s not been all rosy because this is not what a man can do by his strength, you have to depend on God. It’s by his grace that I have been able to stay without food cooked by fire or any pleasant food for two years and 11 days.’’

Speaking on the outcome of this spiritual journey, Archbishop Benjamin noted that God took control of the Covid-19 pandemic despite the fact that it was targeted at Africa but there were not so many casualties like we have in other continents. He also explained that the prayers he made for the continent and Nigeria have made insecurity to be under control.

‘’Of course, we can see from the beginning, the Covid-19 was targeted on the African continent but we have a little casualty compared to other continents. This is because God intervened, he is still intervening up to this moment. In the area of the nation, we can see the problem of insecurity, banditry but all of these somehow are under God’s control, all these will come to an end because the greatest evil has been averted through the spiritual journey,” he said.