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Bank Manager Who Spent £61,000 To Become A ‘Dragon’ Decides To Cut Off His P3nis, Nigerians React



A former bank manager known as Richard Hernandez has decided to cut off his penis after spending thousands of pounds to become a human dragon.

Richard reportedly spent the sum of £61,000 to modify his body and become a human dragon called Tiamat Legion Medusa.

The modification consists of the removal of his outer ear, partial nose removal, 18 horns implanted, six teeth removal, tongue splitting surgery, turning the whites of his eyes to green, and also getting tattooed.

After all these modifications Tiamat has decided to go genderless and will be cutting off his penis.

He said: “I am in the process of going genderless, so I prefer they, them pronouns. Top of my priorities is to say goodbye to Mr. Bojangles, my penis, as soon as possible.

“My ultimate preference is to simply be called an ‘it’, just like my own kind, the snakes.

“My metamorphosis is nowhere near done.”

Tiamat said he was abandoned in the woods alongside his siblings by his parents and this made him denounce his birth parents in favor of a snake.

He said: “I was abandoned by my parents in the middle of the woods, at night, deep in the heart of South Texas, where the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake abounds.

“It was then, when my human parents shoved me out of the car to leave me there like unwanted trash that I adopted the venomous rattler as my parents.

“They left me and two of my other three siblings close enough to the family farm so that my maternal grandparents would find us.”

Below are the reactions of some Nigerians to the story

Anonymous: God please grant us good mental heath
Anonymous: The devil is wicked,gosh!!!!! I pray he finds Jesus, He is the way,the truth and the Life.
Anonymous : This is a clear indication that people become what they watch.
Anonymous: Na lie, how was what he watch responsible for this. In a country where government is working well and there is no issue like NEPA and rising cost and security issue to disturb you. thats when you start worrying about gay rights, animal rights and turning into dragon.
Mary : Identity crises. Such a pity
Anonymous: self loathing at its ugliest
Anonymous : demonic possession. Only Jesus can heal him.
Neeyo : Lost soul
Anonymous : From male to female and how an animal. pls I want to know what those gay supporting liberals on this blog have to say about this. Its good to be free but too much freedom without discipline will turn us to animals.
Ese Augustine : What in the world is this?
Silvola : sick man