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Nigeria Could Collapse If Its Citizens Are Not Provided With Jobs – Ngige



Minister Of Labour: Chris Ngige

Nigerian Labour and Productivity Minister Chris Ngige says rising unemployment poses a threat to the country.

The minister made the remarks on Tuesday, linking the crisis to a lack of education in Nigeria, warning that if left unchecked, the country could collapse completely.

He made the remarks at a joint economic forum hosted by the Ministry of Special Duties and Intergovernmental Affairs in Abuja, the Nigerian capital.

According to him “We are in trouble in this country, We are in trouble and anybody who tells you he doesn’t know we are in trouble is lying to himself and once you lie to yourself.”

“We are facing a problem that is cyclic, one begat the other. It is left for you and me the elite to decide to save ourselves, save our children and save our country. Ngige said.

He warned on the imminent dangers ahead: “If we keep on with these symptoms; buy ammunition, bomb these people, bomb kidnappers, bomb Boko Haram, you will be wasting resources.

“Those who can’t get an education, we must provide them jobs so that they can fend for themselves. They can put a roof over their heads.“