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Lagos DPO Denies Sleeping With Detained Lover




The Denton Divisional Police Officer, CSP Adegoke Akinlade, has reacted to the allegation of detaining his lover, Jennifer Madueke, after losing his pistol following an alleged intimacy with her.

Akinlade who confirmed that he lost his pistol accused Madueke of stealing his service gun and #50,000.

Naija News had earlier reported that a source accused the DPO of sleeping with Madueke and taking her to a herbalist to confess.

Akinlade in his reaction denied sleeping with her in his office or taking her to any herbalist.

He said, “She was my girlfriend in 2011, but we separated. About one and a half months ago, while I was around the Stadium area, she came to greet me and that was how she knew where I was working and she started coming. When her coming did not favour me, I told her not to come again.”

“On that Friday, I was at a club with one of my friends. It was there a girlfriend came to meet me. Then this lady came later. I never knew that she had a mission. I sent her away and said I was busy.”

“The other lady with me told me that she was going to Bariga. She [Madueke] also came but said she could not get a vehicle to her residence that night because it was late. I then left them (both ladies) in the office and went out on a night patrol.

“It was then I started thinking I would go back and wake them up. When I returned, I gave her N4,000 (transport fare) to go.”

The police officer when asked if he slept with Madueke, said, “When two people are in my office? I did not sleep with her. I left them there. Unknown to me, she had gone to pick a bag behind my chair. It was when she left that I discovered that my pistol was missing, with N50,000. I did not even care about the money, but I started calling her, and she did not pick the calls. She also blocked me on WhatsApp.”

We went to prayer houses and consulted alfas, me and the other girl, but we did not find her. I did not see her for one week. I paid people who tracked her.”

Akinlade further stated that he regrets helping Madueke that night, who denied taking the gun but admitted to ‘stealing’ N7,000 from the bag.

The officer said he reported at the SCIID and made statements on the theft to get detectives to recover the gun.

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“I believe she will still say where the gun is,” he added.