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Doctors In Shock Over Woman Who Hasn’t Slept For 40 Years




A woman has left everyone including her doctors stunned after proving that she hasn’t been able to sleep for 40 years.

The woman, known as Li Zhaying who is from Henan in China, claimed that the last time she had a good night rest or a day-time sleep was when she was five years old.

Most people were quite baffled by her claim as she has remained fully functional and healthy despite not getting any sleep.

Some neighbours, who doubted her, have tried to discredit her story by staying awake with her to see if she will dose off. However, Li Zhaying seems to be telling the truth as she did not bat her eyelids through out the watch.

Even after she took some sleeping pills her condition remained the same. Her husband, Liu Suoquin also collaborated Li Zhayingh story and claimed that she always did all the house chores in the night.

However, a specialist sleep centre in Beijing has finally diagnosed Li Zhaying’s condition.

They were able to discover that Li Zhaying only sleeps but in a very unique way which is only for 10 minuites. She goes to sleep while being awake. The phenomenon is more like sleep walking or trance.



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