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Biafra: ‘IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu Cursed Beyond Redemption’



Biafra: IPOB Takes Major Decision On Deputy Leader Position After Uche Mefor’s Resignation

A pro-Biafra agitator and former Deputy Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Uche Mefor, has rained curses on the outlawed group leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

Mefor stated that IPOB and it’s embattled leader would remain cursed due to the destruction and killings they perpetrated across the southeast.

Naija News reports that he stated this in a post on his Facebook page titled: “IPOB Nnamdi Kanu remain cursed-Nemesis/Karma remain in full gear until the confessions and the self-destructive expositions are complete.”

According to Mefor, the internal crisis rocking the pro-Biafra was a testament to the curse on the group.

He accused IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu if brutally killing civilians that failed to obey the sit-at-home order.

Mefor said: “In the fullness of time, humanity shall recognise and appreciate this fact that treachery does not pay nor does it do anybody or any group any good, IPOB NNAMDI KANU is cursed beyond redemption.

“The spirit of the land of our ancestors, the land of Biafra arbors injustice, it frowns at the abomination of crimes against humanity which go to the very heart of spilling of the blood and beheading of Biafrans by Biafrans on Biafran soil and the desecration of our heritage.

The legacy of lies, of deception and of blackmail which we proudly fought against and which they have continued remains her waterloo. These IPOB NNAMDI KANU shall continue with the CONFESSION; they shall continue to speak in confusing, hostile languages among themselves until they completely expose their evils and atrocities by themselves and you know what? They have no control over it because cursed people do not influence what befalls or happens to them.

“The desperate, ineffective, damage-control manoeuvres shall all the more continue to expose the hypocrisy therein. They shall continue to lie from one level to the other and further continue to defend those same lies with other bundle of lies and deception until they destroy themselves by themselves and blame no other themselves.”

Source: Naija News

George Oshogwe Ogbolu is a Digital Media Strategist | Content Writer | Journalist | New Media Influencer | Proofreader and a Deputy Editor at Naija News.