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Killings: The Whole World Is Watching Us — Archbishop Kaigama




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The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, His Grace Most Revd Ignatius Kaigama, says the Federal Government’s fight against bandits and insurgents is a litmus test for President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration and all eyes are on Nigeria.

He stated this on Sunday while delivering his sermon at St. Augustine’s Church, Waru Pastoral Area, Abuja.

According to Kaigama, it was critical that the Federal Government supported the security agencies in ending the killings and attacks by bandits in parts of the country.

“The violence, bloodshed, and gruesome attacks experienced even more recently in parts of our dear country are a terrible embarrassment to our nation and a tragic contradiction to the tenets of both Christianity and Islam.

“The world is watching Nigeria with great bewilderment. The reprehensible killings and related crimes, no matter the perceived grievances, are a call to the Government to act proactively and definitively,” Kaigama said.

He also urged the Federal Government to interpret the concerns of well-meaning individuals and groups over the security situation in the country in a positive light, saying that they are patriotic contributions to current national issues rather than a challenge to political authority.

“It is unfortunate that well-meaning Nigerians, who boldly speak out in favour of what is right, and make objective diagnosis of burning national issues, are threatened,” he lamented.

The Archbishop, however, appealed to religious leaders to shun making inciting remarks that pitch their followers against adherents of other religions.

Kaigama said, “Our respective religions should seek to promote the dignity, sanctity and sacredness of human life.

“Unfortunately, some in the political class have exploited religion for selfish political and economic advantages. Even worse, some religious leaders make inciting comments to keep religious adherents in constant inter-religious hostility.

“No civilized religion encourages its adherents to fight for God. When we fight and kill in the name of religion, it is often out of selfish interests.

“Sponsoring or killing a fellow human being in the name of religion is an evil we must condemn even when the perpetrators are members of our own religious circle. This will improve peaceful coexistence and inter-religious harmony.

“The blame game must give way to forgiveness, reconciliation, collective witness to social justice, peace and love.”