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NDA: Banditry, Boko Haram, Terrorism Didn’t Start With Buhari Govt – Adesina



Femi Adesina, Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity has said banditry, Boko Haram insurgency and terrorism did not start with the present administration.

The presidential aide stated this in his latest article titled, ‘It’s Evil, Pure And Simple’ and posted on his Facebook page on Friday, Naija News understands.

There have been unreserved condemnations from Nigerians on the Buhari administration following an attack by bandits on the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) on Tuesday.

Naija News reported that two officers were killed and one abducted during the disheartening attack.

The development stirred mockery and stone throws at the government which one of its promises during campaign was to fight insecurity frontally.

Reactions and words thrown at the Buhari government were, however, described as an act to intentionally shamed the administration for political gains.

Adesina pointed out that since the Boko Haram insurgency started in 2009, Nigeria had been at war, and the security challenge confronting the land has mutated in many ways.

According to him, terrorism, banditry, kidnappings for ransom, cult killings, and all sorts had started with the previous government,s and that it was one of the factors that led to change in leadership in the 2015 elections.

Referring to Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s administration, Adesina said “Nigerians simply got rid of an inefficient, ineffective government, and voted in Muhammadu Buhari and his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC). The man had done it before, showing strength as a military leader, and he could do it again.”

He added that “Buhari took the battle to the insurgents, directing on Inauguration Day that the command centre of the Boko Haram war be moved to the Northeast, where the issue was domiciled. And since 2015, the man has not relented, recording series of successes, and some reversals, which are typical of all human endeavors.”

The presidential aide stressed that it is both sad and disheartening to observe the construct that some people try to give certain developments in the country.

Adesina said it is important for Nigerians to know that “we were not where we started, when bombs went off like firecrackers in major cities of the country, killing and maiming people in their scores.”

“As at recently, insurgents, bandits, kidnappers, evildoers were on the back-foot, being killed daily in their hundreds, and surrendering in droves. Light had appeared at the end of the tunnel.”

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