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Taliban: Baby Born During Afghanistan Evacuation Named After U.S. Military Plane




Reach, a call sign used for the United States Air Force Boeing C-17 planes has been given as a birth name to a newborn baby delivered during Afghanistan evacuation.

Due to Afghanistan take over by the Taliban recently, the U.S army has been going to and fro through the German airbase which was a transit point for the evacuees from Afghanistan, Naija News reports.

During one of the rescue missions, a woman on board reportedly gave birth to a baby girl at the U.S. Ramstein Air Base in Germany and the baby was passionately named Reach after the plane’s call sign.

A commander of the U.S. forces in Europe, Tod Wolters, who disclosed this at a Pentagon briefing on Wednesday said: “As you can well imagine, being an Air Force fighter pilot, it’s my dream to watch that young child called Reach to grow up and be a U.S. citizen and fly the United States Air Force fighters in our Air Force,”

Naija News understands that the woman went into labour during the flight from Qatar to Germany and had experienced complications.

Her condition, however, improved after the plane descended in altitude to increase air pressure, which helped to save the mother’s life.

Soldiers onboard helped her to deliver the child in the aircraft’s cargo bay upon landing, the command noted.

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At the moment they were generally being flown from there to Dulles International Airport, near Washington DC, and then distributed to U.S. military bases.