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Lagos Father Tortures His 7-Year-Old Son To Death Over Fish |Photo



Lagos Father Tortures His 7-Year-Old Son To Death Over Fish |Photo

One Mr Saviour Aniefok is on the run after torturing his seven-year-old son, Nathaniel, to death in the Shangisha area of Magodo Phase 2, Lagos State.

Saviour was said to have tortured late Nathaniel to death on the allegation that he stole a piece of fish belonging to one of his customers.

According to reports, Saviour, an electrician, was given a faulty microwave to fix. The customer had also given Saviour a piece of fish to test the microwave after it was repaired.

While delivering the repaired microwave to the customer, Saviour forgot the fish and couldn’t find it thereafter.

His neighbours however heard Nathaniel writhing in pain, hours later when his father was beating him.

One of the neighbours stated that Saviour was fond of torturing Nathaniel and his brother, Charles.

The neighbour said, “I still saw Nathaniel on Sunday afternoon. In fact, I gave him snacks to eat.

“Around 10pm, we started to hear Nathaniel shouting and crying for help; we also heard loud bangs on the floor and wall indicating that he was being beaten.

“As he was crying, Saviour was telling him to shut up. I personally thought their stepmother was at home to caution him. But later, we got to know she had travelled. Surprisingly, I heard Nathaniel died the following day.”

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