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PHOTOS: 99-Year-Old Man Ties The Knot With His 86-Year-Old Wife Again



PHOTOS: 99-Year-Old Man Ties The Knot With His 86-Year-Old Wife Again

A 99-year-old man from Owerri, Imo state, has tied the knot with his 86-year old beautiful wife again in holy matrimony.

One of their children identified as Micheal Maduka celebrated his parents via Facebook for reading their vows to one another again.

He wrote; “Wow… Finally, the did have Been Done!! Please friends Join me in Celebrating my Parents!! They are the Newest Couples in the Whole World. At Age 86 my mom still say… “Yes I Do” Again to my Daddy @ age 99. Lord, I thank you for the Success of it!!”

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Meanwhile, a video of a Nigerian bride refusing to smile whilst her husband showered her with money has surfaced on social media.

In the video that has become a growing sensation, the colourful bride was seen frowning whilst her husband sprayed money.

According to reports, in her tradition, presumably Ijaw,  new brides are not allowed to smile or flinch while been sprayed money by guests and grooms, else they would be a force to stop spraying.

The video got social media reeling with reactions as many social media users praised the bride for maintaining her composure during the money rain.

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